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Matt Gleed




Master Trainer of Top Fitness Brands Fitness Contributer of the Year 2019 Winner. Published Media 💻 & Press 📄 writer. Ⓜ️ I want to support fitness professionals to become better Ⓜ️ Message me on Instagram if you need help or want advice Ⓜ️ Wednesday 5-6pm each week I will bring ‘Fitness 101 For Fitness Professionals’ to life in a room with some incredible leaders so join us. Ⓜ️ Monday 7:30pm each week is a Cardio Tennis 🎾 room with leaders in the global game which is all about fun, fitness and community. Launching a new Fitness App & Online Mentoring Business in 2021. ‘Master Trainer Academy’ My people are TRX, British Rowing, Power Plate, Matrix Fitness, Myzone and the up rising Tennis Superstars of the future. Love a Run, Espresso, Beer or Gin so bribe me with any. U.K. based but get around the world a fair bit teaching and looking forward to it again. 📧 [email protected] 🌐 🔗 connect across all social media