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Matanel Samin




✨Join Us at THE ISRAELI CLUB🇮🇱❤️🌏 ✨my WHY To inspire people to do what inspires them🎇 ✨WHY? ‘Cause I’m an inspiring idiot with a purpose 🤓 ✨My DEEPEST belief? Our biggest PURPOSE is to GIVE🙌 and it’s our RIGHT and OBLIGATION to let our light SHINE🌟 ✨WHO? 💥Creative thinker 🎭Actor ✍️Writer 🎙Singer 🧘Movement TherapisT - SHIN SEN DO 📸photographer 🧐Dreamer 💡Idea man 🔍Pattern seeker 🦋Hopeless Optimistic ✳️Super mod 🤪Crazy S.o.B who’s always looks for NEW ways to break the NoRmAl ✨WHAT? 📍Some people knows how to build businesses 📈 I know how to build people💆🏻‍♂️ 💫inspiring people to overcome themselves, their 👉fears/thoughts/destructive emotions👈 And reach their highest potential by changing their narrative 💫 Send me a DM for thoughts/feedback/questions or just for fun 😁 📍 Based in Israel 🇮🇱 🌹Btw I have a thing for roses🌹