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Mary Steadman




❤️ServiceLOVE movement ✈️🦚Co Founder & Director of Partners LURA Lifestyle ❤️ Co Founder & Director of Stiel & Steadman Service Solutions 🎙Service LOVE Co-Host 🎙LURA Listens Host 🍾Unlocking luxury lifestyle 🪄Creating Magical Motivational Moments 🇨🇦 Live🇬🇧 ✳️ Stop One Start One 🧠ENFP & ENFJ-P & J moves ♍️ Virgo 🖤 Celebrating Black History 365 Days 30582 Instagram: LURA Lifestyle; Service_Love; Marystead78 An expert in ultimate guest service having worked in the luxury hospitality and tourism industry for 24 years. During this time, I have served celebrities, state leaders, politicians, senior corporate leaders and the monarch. 🏦Launched the Canadian Centurion Black Card Concierge Service for American Express in 2008. 🎙Creator of Podcast LURA Listens- Listening to Luxury Lifestyle Leaders on trends, insights, predictions, secrets and topics in the luxury lifestyle 🇨🇦 Living in London 🇬🇧. 🇬🇧🇦🇪 Co-Founder of LURA Lifestyle 🇬🇧 Co-Founder of Stiel & Steadman Service Solutions 🗝 Unlocking your luxury lifestyle 🦚 Power ❤️ Serving from the heart-Service LOVE ✈️ Travel Expert 🛎 Concierge 🎤 Guest Speaker 🎓Customer Service Educator 🤝 Networking Guru 🍍 Luxury Expert 🌐 Global Collaborator 🖋 Writing a Book ❤️ Travelling ❤️ Music ❤️ Theatre ❤️ Sports ❤️ Learning ❤️ Good Vibes ❤️ Animals ❤️ LOVE 🇩🇰 Life Partner-3 beautiful bonus daughters 🐾 Dog mommy to Pomeranians Makwa & Juno 📍 London, United Kingdom