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Oprah Show Veteran Teaching Women Nonfiction Authors How to Get Publicity and Do Media Interviews that Sell Books, Expand Their Impact, and Change the World | Book Marketing Media Strategist 📚 Are you a woman nonfiction author whose book and message belong in national Media? Very few authors harness the power of traditional media like TV, radio/podcasts, and print or online newspapers and magazines. 📣 I’m committed to your media success as a woman nonfiction author so I’ve designed a powerful, comprehensive course for you. With Media Success Blueprint, you’ll: 🔹be fully prepared for publicity 🔹 have the skills to pitch the Media 🔹know what to say, even on live TV Go to to enroll! 🙋‍♀️ Prefer live coaching with me? If you’re a woman nonfiction author, let’s talk. Reach out to Lindsay on my team at [email protected] to get on my schedule to meet with me about your media success. Because your book is just the beginning. 📚 Founder, Authors In Media 📖 #1 Bestselling Parenting Author 🎙 Speaker on Book Marketing in Media 📺 Former Post Producer, The Oprah Winfrey Show 📘My book broke the top 100 on Amazon and reached #1 in Parenting after a media interview so I know how to go from purpose to publicity to profit! I talk about these on CH, stages & podcasts: 📣 Book Marketing 📺 Traditional Media 🎤 Elevating the Voices of Women Join the Women Nonfiction Author’s Club! See the first logo below... 📩 [email protected] 🏠 Follow me on LinkedIn at Authors In Media!