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❣️Here living a purpose driven life with integrity to aspire & with intent❣️ 🖤 Connect with me on all platforms. 💝Listen to my 🎙summits, podcasts, CH features, etc. ✅⤵️my cliff notes of life. Co-Founder/CEO @thekeepsie 👶🏻👶🏾👩‍🍼👨‍🍼 1st ever Innovative Pacifier Cover @wbenc certified USA made. 🚢 🌎 Impacting 500K families by 2024 Giveback community partners: @silvie_bells & @brittanysbaskets 💖Mom Link $1M Mom ♣️CH President of NY. Building an Empire Together by Empowering women in ALL aspects of their life.. no matter what adversities you’ve championed over! Connect. Collab. Cash In. 1 🛑 for EVERYTHING you need to scale & grow! The modern day Global Country Club for ALL Female identifying Entrepreneurs. Membership⤵️ ➡️ ❤️Chairwoman Global Women Wealth Warriors ✳️GW3 Club ✳️Global Women Wealth Warriors Mon-Fri Lunch & Soar🦅12PM-2PM EST. 👀TUES LIVE ♣️🏡|😀📚|UTube:🎙GRATITUDE & MENTAL HEALTH ❤️‍🩹Founder of Resiliency & Recover Clubhouse Rooms with Keke Boyd 1pm-3pm EST !Safe Space! Building support, community & healing. NO sales, recordings, judgements! MON✳️ The Real Moms Club: Caretakers & Differently-abled Rockstars 🪨 ⭐️ WED✳️ Mentors in Motion Club: Trauma, Abuse, Grief 🙏🏼Spent my life trying to find my strength within me 💪🏼Overcoming adversities before I was 12 ⚖️Ward of the state at 12: Mom gained wings. Dad gained handcuffs. 🥊Multi-abuse Champion & Advocate: physical.sexual. exploitation.abandonment.mental.emotional. 🙌🏼Grew up in 2 Domestic Violence homes. DV Advocate 🧠 Mental Health Advocate *Vietnam War Veteran birth Dad honorable discharged surviving an assassination -which ultimately ended my birth Mom’s life. *Older brother diagnosed with multiple mental health diagnoses from uncovering our birth Mom’s body the AM she passed. 👠28 yrs Corporate America as top sales|marketing. 🐅Crawling my way out of a 10yr relationship/ ‘divorced’ 👑Finding myself again through self-love & self-care. 💝Single Medical NICU Heart Warrior Mom to a boy with Down Syndrome. 💔Mourned the baby inside me. Soul-searched to uproot my soul through education & faith to become the mom I needed to be for my son @desiderio_kwan_farkas 💄Leaping forward to Mompreneurship. 🖊 📚 Author 🌎 💞Philanthropist EVERYTHING has prepared me to help empower women to Self-empowerment in all aspects of their life! ANYTHING is POSSIBLE xs