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Mary D. Welch




I help; ✍🏾You Write Your First Book 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Children 💯 Parents and ♨️ Grandparents write, illustrate and publish award winning Children’s Books 📚 📚Children’s Book Coach 📚Founder of First Book Academy 📚President of Front Page Publishing, LLC 📚Author of Children’s Books Bestselling Author of: 🎯”There’s a Rocket in my Pocket” 🎯”Have You Seen a Red Elephant” 🎯”Saying No Nicely” All books are available on Amazon B.A. University of California Riverside M.A. Azusa Pacific University Let’s work together. Book a Free Complimentary Coaching Session What I Love ❤️ 💕 #1 God 💕 Husband 💕 Children & Grandchildren 💕 Family & Friends Community Involvement 💥UC Riverside Black Alumni 💥NAACP 💥NCNW 💥The Group (Community Engagement) 💥The Elites (Scholarships for High School Students) 💥Main Ambition(501(c)3 (Increasing High School Graduation and College Admittance) 🔥Podcast “Mary D. Show” on FB & YT “Those who the Mary D. Show!” Call me 619.669.8603