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Marsha Sewdass




👑Helping HIGH PERFORMING women 40+💃 create INCOME 💰from EXPERTISE without overwhelm in 12 wks with the 👑L.E.V.E.L. U.P. Formula ⭐As a mindset coach, I help women in their fab forties plus to increase success in their business and personal life by building⭐upon their EXPERTISE & SUPERPOWER ⭐ with the power of mindset work.💃 ☆-☆-☆-☆-☆-☆-☆ About me:- 🔅Mom👭👭 🔅Creator of L.E.V.E.L U.P. Formula 🔅Author- books on 🔅Amazon 📚 🔅Speaker🎤 ☆-☆-☆-☆-☆-☆-☆ My loves💞 Family💕 Meditation 🧘‍♀️ Beach🏖 Music esp. soca🎶 Celebrating life🎉🍾 ☆-☆-☆-☆-☆-☆-☆ I serve my lovely clients from a space of experience and knowledge. This comes from BUILDING A PURPOSEFUL BUSINESS in my 40's after overcoming : 👉Divorce 👉Single parent 👉Stagnant career 👉Changing careers in my forties 👉Discovering and developing my God given purpose and gift 👉Breaking ceilings, 👉Finding my voice, 👉Speaking my truth, 👉Owning my story, 👉Spreading my wings and not looking back. 💃Living  now with abundance in all its many forms. 💕 ☆-☆-☆-☆-☆-☆-☆ I help my clients to create or scale their purposeful business, create a legacy and leave an indelible mark in the world. All in the best years of their lives! The best is yet to come my dear !! ☆-☆-☆-☆-☆-☆-☆ 🔗Links 🔗 ⭐5 DAY GET YOUR GOALS DONE CHALLENGE (free) ⭐THE MINDFUL BREATH VIDEO GUIDE (free) 🌟BOOK A CALL[email protected] 🔅🎉🔅🎉🔅🎉🔅🎉 Follow here and on IG. DM let's get the conversation started. Great to meet you !🇹🇹