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Redfield is a voice actor, actor, author/writer, dramatist, filmmaker, theatre-maker, director, producer, and visual artist. Should you need to reach me: 818-934-0782 or contact via the websites. Redfield is a storyteller. Be well. Be good to each other. Follow your bliss. β€œIf you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.” ~ Orson Welles Member 🎭 SAG-AFTRA πŸŽ™ Audio Publishers Association YouTube Channel: YouTube/@MarkRedfieldStudios Websites: FILMS IN DEVELOPMENT Othello TV IN DEVELOPMENT Vampire Hunters Incorporated The Sisters Risk RESUME (select credits): 🎞 FILM/TV The Fall of the House of Usher (actor, Netflix) Cold Harbor (actor-producer) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (actor-writer-director) Chainsaw Sally (actor-producer) The Death of Poe (actor-writer-director) One-Eyed Horse (actor) Dark and Stormy Night (actor) Armed Robbery Orgasm (actor, Channel 4, London) In the Grip of Evil (actor) πŸŽ™ AUDIO DRAMA/PLAYS (select credits, as voice actor/producer/director) on Audible worldwide & other retailers: Frankenstein Mobster Sinbad and the Pirate Princess Season 13 The Midnight Matinee (series) The Yellow Wallpaper Valdemar AUDIO DRAMA IN PRODUCTION: -Eugene O’Neill’s Anna Christie -I Married A Fly! -Captain Kingston of the Spanish Main -Edgar Alien Poe -Houdini: Magicians in the Ghost World -The Sisters Risk: Life! Liberty! & Love! -Doctor Dolittle Adventures -A Country Christmas Carol -Snuff Service -Rhapsody in Blood -The Autumn of Edgar Allan Poe -Caroline Munro: In My Own Words (audio autobiography 2024) AUDIO BOOKS (select credits) on Audible worldwide NOW and other audio retailers (as voice actor/narrator unless otherwise noted): - Nevermore with Jeffrey Combs (producer) - A Christmas Carol - The Canterville Ghost - Mark Twain: How To Tell a Story - The Ransom of Red Chief -Songs of Giants: The Poetry of Pulp πŸŽ™ THE REDFIELD ARTS AUDIO PODCAST can be heard weekly everywhere: SoundCloud, ApplePodcasts, AmazonMusic, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, PlayerFM & other podcast providers. Please subscribe! A NEW SHOW WEEKY! πŸ“š NOVELS/BOOKS Cult of the Nosferatu (novel) ART & ILLUSTRATION art & cartoons & paintings & things: Updated Sept. 2023