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Mark Pescetti




What if your next campaign was guaranteed to convert… Wouldn’t you want THAT reality? ❄️ Ashland Oregon 🗿feral hippie kid 💰living abundant manifestation 👽are real 🤙🏼is nokaoi 🤑9 figure profits 💊supplement entrepreneur 🚀launch specialist 🐠pescetti = little fish 🍀success ain’t luck ☔️my copy rains profits 🔮living my purpose and passion 💪🏻I’m a 4th grade dropout who grew up often homeless, poor and had to fend for myself since just 10 years old. I had to sell fruit on the side of the street in the Iao Valley on Maui🤙🏼 and spear my own fish...🐠 Just to eat. Since then… I’ve gone on to produce over 9 figure profits wearing the hat of a copywriter.💎💎💎 I’ve been spending some time getting to know Clubhouse. In a span of 2 weeks… I’ve created multi-million dollar partnerships, converted clients and established authority… All by simply talking about what I do… and how I do it. It’s the perfect platform for biz owners to genuinely connect with each other and create multi-million dollar empires.⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️ Speaking of which… If you want to work with me to develop your next 8-figure campaign… Hit me up… and let’s talk about how you can HELP infinitely more people with your product or service.💲💲💲 Mark...