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Mark Ferne




Founder of the DIVORCE CLUB here on CH. Divorce and Relationship Coach - Helping people get back in the game after significant breakups.❤️ Inspired to do this work from personal experience. M.Ed. at University of Maryland in Higher Education with Counseling concentration. B.A. at Capital University in Psychology. Study Abroad at the University of the West Indies 🇯🇲. Visited all but one continent and all but one state (Antarctica and North Dakota). Worked on Semester at Sea 🌍 for three around the world voyages. Lived in seven states and spent most time SLC, but I moved to 🇨🇦 three years ago. I’ll let you guess why. Pre-Covid served as social planner and connector through ten years of Kentucky Derby 🐎 parties, nine years of Golf trips/competitions 🏌️‍♂️, and nearly twenty years of March Madness 🏀 trips - not to mention hosting random theme parties. Now I just Zoom. While I was once the youngest ever Dean of Students and later VP of Student Affairs, eventually I shifted to Advancement. My most important job is serving as the insignificant other of a superstar marine biologist (she was just named Top 40 Under 40 in Edmonton). I still tie my shoes with two bunny ears. Find me (and my divorce story) at