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I Help ECom Brands Serve their Audience and Upgrade their Content, Coins, and Campaigns. 💕 📌 Atlanta,GA WHO IS MONRAE 👀 1️⃣ I’ve been doing Marketing since I was 19 2️⃣ I’ve developed celebrity influencers and created them million dollars brands 3️⃣ I developed and spearheaded the Laid By Lira Project for Lira Galore. Which sold out in 8 Minutes over 50k Products, Launched in 50 Beauty Supply Stores In The 1st 60 Days, and Negotiated a 7 Figure Contract With A Major Retailer 4️⃣I’ve assisted over 1000 Small Businesses become profitable through digital marketing 5️⃣ Created A Community for African American Girl Bosses called The Millionaire Mob Oh and Download our App in the App Store - The Millionaire Mob 7️⃣ I also am the creator of one of the ONLY Campaign Planner that helps you plan out campaigns with emails, ads, sales strategy, and day to day. @milliondollarplanner Would love to meet you 😉