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Marion Balandra




🦾Founder/CEO of Star Mars Tech Inc., a San Francisco, Silicon Valley IT Business and Solutions consulting corporation since 2013. 💗Founder & CEO of MERIDIAN REMOTE TEAMS, the first Remote Based Outsourced Talent startup built on Blockchain technology that aims to create jobs and opportunities for the impoverished communities in the Philippines. 🌍UN Youth Global Leader, a speaker and active member of numerous Women’s Leadership and Diversity groups 🥇1st Place Winner of The Swarovski Black Swan by New York Best Author and Famous FBI Negotiator Chris Voss of the MasterClass “Art of Negotiation” and The Black Swan Group. 🎙WomenTech Global Ambassador and Speaker. 🏆Global Ambassadress to many brands like WomenTech, GFE, World Blockchain Hackathon and many more. 🇵🇭🇺🇸Filipino American mother of 3 💰Serial entrepreneur of over 20 years in education, real-estate, jewelry and technology. Her years in Technology, Blockchain and startups global business and political connections that have led to her huge success and notoriety as a power Business Development and Strategic Partnerships figure. 🏵Marion currently sits on numerous Advisory Boards for Business Development and Partnerships like Ubuntu Tribe, PublicBloc to name a few. LinkedIn:💗marion-b-75558555 Website: