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Mario Haynes




Actor / Writer / Director / ATLien Teaching Artist/ Jokester 🃏 The Sci-Fi Matters Club is bringing a sci-fi summit to Clubhouse! Have any ideas or want to join as a moderator? Have a sci-fi club? Let’s work together! Connect with me via DM or Instagram. 🚀 🔭 ✨ 🧬 🤖 I have a huge theatre background and sometimes I lecture on Shakespeare and performance topics as an adjunct professor. I’m on my journey as an experimental film actor and storyteller at this point in my life. Currently reading 📚 NK Jemisin’s “The Fifth Season” I watch and make sci-fi🚀, anime, theatre, and films 🎥. Black people are in the future. I talk about bein from Georgia a lot. BA: University of Georgia, Theatre, African-American Studies MFA: Harvard University, Acting