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Marina Leung




Muti-family Investor (100+ Units) l Entrepreneur l Author l Consultant l Philanthropist ________________________________________ Other Highlights: ✈️World Traveler 🧘In Constant Pursuit of Spiritual and Personal Growth ❤️Practitioner of Compassion, Kindness and Being of Service to Others 🍍Total Foodie 🫐🥥🍅🥑🥦🥩🍔🌮🥗🍕 ❤️Passionate about Non-GMO and Organic Foods 🌞Believer and Practitioner of Positive Affirmations 😊Decisions Based on Peace and Happiness and NEVER Chaos ________________________________________ Education: 🏫B.S. in Biology, Cal Poly Pomona 🏫M.B.A., Chapman University 🏫School of Hard Knocks 🏫Business Coaches and Mentors ________________________________________ 🤝Highly Selective with Whom I Do Business. It is ALWAYS about the QUALITY of the relationship and making it a WIN-WIN situation for ALL involved. ________________________________________ WANT TO CONNECT? TEXT/CALL ME. 📱949.829.3382 ________________________________________