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Marika Eriksson




Love to inspire to; 🧚Dare to find YOUR way🛤 🧚Entrepreneurial spirit✨ 🧚Opportunity focus💡 🧚Personal welfare💶 🧚Holistic health💖 🧚Balanced life⚖️ 🧚🧚🧚🧚🧚🧚 📍🇸🇪 Sweden Lifelong student - there is always things to learn🤗 A bit of “Jack-of-all-trades” Moving from bookkeeping/business administration to holistic health and personal welfare. ✨💖🧚 Clubhouse for me; I have often felt I miss the long nights deep talks I used to have, with open minded entrepreneurial friends about everything in life. My first impression of Clubhouse gives me hope to get a part of that back in my life in a new way🙏🏻 Hope it proves me right 🤗💕✨