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Marianne Schwab




📺 I am a Former National Network TV Talk Show Producer and I love working with online entrepreneurs & experts to get them talk show interviews to build credibility and grow your business. 📺 Founder of ‘Seen On TV Guaranteed’ 🎥 Author, Speaker, Talk Show Producer, Media Coach _____*_____*_____*_____*_____*_____*_____ 🎤 Speaker Topics: 🔹How Experts and Online Entrepreneurs Can Land Talk Show Interviews 🔹Why Talk Shows Need Experts - Lots of Them! 🔹Biggest Mistakes That Make You “Smell” Like an Amateur 🔹5 Surefire Media Hooks That Work 🔹How Not to Blow Your First Talk Show Interview 🔹My #1 Secret that Practically Guarantees You Land an Interview _____*_____*_____*_____*_____*_____*_____ 👉 Get My Insider Secrets to Landing Talk Show Interviews Free Training at: (Offer ending soon!) _____*_____*_____*_____*_____*_____*_____ 🎙 Host of “The Branding Backpack” Podcast 🖥 Business Interests: 🔹Broadcast Public Relations 🔹Entrepreneur Tips 🔹Digital Marketing 🔹Book Authors Just for Fun Interests: 🍷 Wine Tasting - I’m a Bit of a Wine Snob 😆; 🌎 As a former Travel Show Producer, I ❤️ Travel; 🚲 Bike Riding; 🐈 Cats; and 🕵️‍♀️ Spy Flicks & TV. _____*_____*_____*_____*_____*_____*_____ 🎬 Connect with me on Instagram or in my Facebook Community, “Grow Your Business with TV Interviews”