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Maria Grimm




Be teachable. You are not always right. 👩🏻‍💻CEO + Founder of Relly What is Relly? A team of leading industry experts in marketing helping business owners and small (but might) teams grow their business with smart marketing m. #growwithrelly. Relly provides online courses in marketing, social media content templates, and 1:1 support for the price of two lattes a month. Courses + Content available: ⭐️ Marketing Strategy ⭐️ Social Media ⭐️ Content Marketing ⭐️ Website Strategy ⭐️ Email + Funnels ⭐️ Content Creation ⭐️ Digital Ads ⭐️ Copywriting Text 📲 918-262-5345 for free marketing advice. A little about me. I’m a creative humanitarian. My ambition is to use my network and resources to help provide accessible marketing to people and brands who want big marketing results but have little marketing experience and budgets. That’s why I co-founded Relly with other experts in the biz Working mom trying to ⚖️ balance it all. Work hard. Stay kind. Be humble. ⁉️Got questions? 📩 DM on Instagram. 🌐Marketing Made Easy 📍Based in Tulsa, OK