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Marcus Bain




🖤I feel Unity with Divine Being that we call GOD, THE SOURCE, INFINITE BEING. A Creative Force of All that Exists in All of the Worlds. 🙏 I Connect with Archangels and Star Beings, whom are here to Help and Guide us. My main connections are with the Arcturians , Pleiadians and Lyrans. 🙌 My present path is about offering Spiritual Awakening courses. Especially for those who are waking up to their True selves now. Course consists of 6 sessions of Healing and Guidance on your Awakening journey. Contact me for more details and discounts for CH members. Email details below. We also offer Ascension Guidance and Healing Alignment Sessions. Whose main focus is in Clearing the dross from the pathway from Heart to Higher Self. Email for more information at [email protected] 🙏I have been an Energy Healer for 40 Years and Blessed in Being Attuned to Transmit Archangel Metatron and Arcturian Healing. As well as being an Usui Reiki Healer. 🙌To Book a Healing Alignment Session email me at address below 📧 [email protected] 👩‍❤️‍👨💖 I am Truly Blessed in Being the Ever Loving Husband to my Beautiful  and Amazing wife Karin. Our motto is,"All you need is Love."💕 💫And as a Great Scouser once said, "I Believe in Me, The Divine Light in Me,That is My Reality”. Our websites & 😍A nice way to support our work and receive something back is to sign up to one of our Patreon Tiers at .This is where all of our Star Being Channelled messages and Meditations and exercises are now. 🥰 Donations left in gratitude for the Healing during my rooms are gratefully received Thanks. It really makes me feel good when someone does this. It's not the amount it's where it's coming from💖. Https:// 🎹🎸Wayitis music N.B. I do not give my permission to be recorded except in a room via replay. Please ask if required.   #evermindful #awake and ascending