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Marc Ronick




✳️Host of the Podcasting Morning Chat™️ Weekdays 7am ET. Live in the Empowered Podcasting ‘House’ Easiest way to catch the replay? Search for the Podcasting Morning Chat on your favorite podcast platform! 🎤Podcast Consulting & Production 🚀 Empowering podcasters to launch & grow 📣 Quieting doubt to empower your voice 📈 Over 1.8 million downloads for clients 🎙 Sharing 17+ years of experience 🤖AI Enthusiast 🧠 NLP Practitioner ♠️ #75Hard Finisher 🌅 5am Club Member I help empower you to finally crush your inner critic and reveal the podcaster within you; I’ll show you how you can use podcasting to confidently share your message with the world, grow your business, and have fun while doing it. 🎤 📱Want to get on a call to discuss your podcast? Check out my website to schedule a free call… Some of my favorite books... 📖 The Four Agreements 📚 The 5am Club 📖 Daring Greatly 📚 Daring to Lead 📖 The Big Leap 📚The Practicing Mind 📖 The One Thing 📚75Hard 📖The Genius Zone 📚Superfans 📖Limitless 📚The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck 📖 Start With Why