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M.A. Pender




***No, im not interested in your financial advice, tips, crypto, forex or anything else. I will block you *** You cannot begin a movement of love with acts of hate. That cycle of aggression, will find yourself becoming that which you have raged against. Owner of Penderosa Dexter Ranch home of the finest beef cows in the world. [email protected] Start your gardening, homesteading or farming journey today! Philly-born, Philly-raised. Georgia Living Eu falo 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 B.A. University of Pennsylvania: Sociology (Focused on building Black communities) Business Studies: Wharton School of Business (2021 Loveman Award winner for innovation) Author: The Art of Thriving: A Young Black Or Brown Man's Guide to Life Entrepreneur (real estate investment), advocate, farmer, activist. Cool facts: •Former USAF Combat °Medic (Operation Enduring Freedom Vet.