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Jesse Hernandez




A Salsa dancing 🕺🏻Podcasting 🎧book writing ✍️ mind shifting maniac who loves introducing people to the promise they are intended to be. I am here to help folks expand their influence in the communities they serve and I am committed to Enhancing the Image of Careers in the Trades. I serve as Host of The Learnings and Missteps Podcast📻 Co Host of NoBS with Jen & Jess Co Author of Lean & Love My learning style is quick & dirty which means I choose to learn the hard way. Upside is I get to speak from experience more often than speaking from opinion😎 Digging 🚜 into performance problems and helping Change Leaders Cultivate Trust are my vices My favorite ways to serve: - Emotional Bungee Jumpers - Business Leader Support - Sweat Equity Improvements 📍 San Antonio, Texas 🇺🇸