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Chief Officer Of Encouragement-World Changer🌎🗣🌎 🎁 What brings you Joy on a daily?!? What Joyful things have you done for someone else today?!?🎁 Joyful Noise!! Breakfast 🍳 with Champions!!! High valued energy!! Don’t touch your phone 📱 Don’t Hit the Snooze button💤Goals and Gratitude 🙏 💎💎How do you Treat yourself like a luxury brand 💕Goddessentrepreneur 💕 Get a fresh batch of flowers 🌸 Treat manis and Pedis🌸 I have This Vision to be surrounded by like minded women, who help encourage each other and support and serve the community!❤️💕❤️ Question: I believe in the change and the manifesting is real. How long did it take to manifest a $1.00?!? ❤️ Love to help others! ..Hello How Can I serve you?!? If I can’t I definitely can find someone who can. ❤️ Thankful for everyone and everything in my path it is for the greater good! ❤️ Thankful for Breakfast with Champions..I am goin to get a seat at the table. ❤️Kind Kander Daily. Motivation. Education. Inspiration Here to serve Give, Give, Give..Then “Ask” If I don’t WIN, who will lose. IF Money💰 wasn’t an issue what would you do with your time?!? Help 10 women get their own business!! Travel the world 🌎 Volunteer at the children’s hospital and help the child with Brain 🧠 cancer ♋️ Volunteer at the kidney foundation Make gift 🎁 baskets 🧺 Volunteer at the Breast Cancer foundation Help 10 newly pregnant teens find a pathway to Success!!! Try to find ways to make a million dollars!! Impact as many people as I can being grateful Each day!!!! My purpose and passion in life is to give back in as many ways that I can. 🍷Cause Entrepreneur -Share Wine 🍷 Give Hope. Nourish the future. If you are led by GOD and would like to sow Cash app—- $Tarikaaaaa Venmo ———@Tarika-Simmons 💎ONE wine bottle can change someone’s world for a lifetime 💎Living, Giving, Sharing, and creating passion of HOPE for others. 💎Changing Lives one bottle at a time. 🍾Become your own wine 🍷 business. 🍾We will help train, guide, mentor ONE person at a time. 💰Passive Income💰 Everyone can benefit Love all the black beautiful hearts 59481🖤 #Winenot 🍷 G I V E B A C K 🍷 ONEHOPE is an award 🥇 winning company in Napa Valley Vineyard that D O N A T E S 10% of every bottle sold. The only winery with 90-96 point bottles for $25.00 or less. Helped over $6 million donated to different 501c3 organizations. winenicchic Rika.Cole