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Mani I.




UX/Business Designer | Design Thinker | Business/Brand Strategist London-based problem solving, human-focused, creative thinking, reformed arsehole, work in progress. I take a user-centered approach to co-create holistic brand, innovation, and strategy to help companies become more human, purpose-driven, and eco-positive. I believe that conscious capitalism and social responsibility are the only steps towards creating a better future for humanity and a healthier planet. I'm currently working to found a social enterprise academy that individually tailors intensive teaching of Design Thinking and the creative arts to high school dropouts from troubled, neurodiverse, and/or underprivileged backgrounds, and focuses their talents positively toward a life of purpose. My personal mission in life is to assist people where I can in finding meaning and purpose in their lives, overcome their egos’ and past traumas, and operate from a place of emotional and spiritual abundance to further go on to help heal others.