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Founder - Fix your Future Ltd Co-founder of Inspired-Nation CIC 💟 Learning disability advocate 💟 Domestic Abuse advocate ✍Expert bid writer ✍Author - Fix your Future ✍Business Development 👱‍♀️ Entrepreneur 🤜 Team management 🙌 Empowering women leaders 💥 Supporting survivors of domestic and narcissistic abuse 💯Supporting the learning-disabled community to thrive 🙏 Podcast - Heal with the Reel - interviewing women survivors to thrivers of domestic abuse.  All episodes on YouTube and Spotify ✍ Author of 'Fix your Future ' my transformational journey with a self-help section of the techniques I used to heal from trauma.  Now in audio in my IG BIO 👇 📚 Co-Author of AND #AbilitiesNotDisabilities  shining the light on the learning-disabled community, telling their entrepreneurial journeys and sharing their talents and growth. 👩‍🦽 Currently running an amazing project in Web3 with 16 learning-disabled artists to create NFT's 💥'The 10 deadliest tactics of a narcissist' (free downloadable guide) link in IG BIO ✨️ 📝Take my free 'Are you dating a narcissist?' quiz (link in IG) 🎶🎧 Lover of old skool house music - 89-93 👠 Love dancing 💃 passion for modern jive 🧘‍♀️ I keep fit daily and love the power of meditation 💲 NFT'S & web3