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Mandelynn Moses




Currently looking for a literary agent for my manuscript "I AM Not Your Villain; I AM Your Mother" A woman trapped in a toxic relationship must overcome the beasts that have taken over heart to break free from the shackles that bind her to the underworld. My Startup Blue Magic We've created the Tesla of Mushrooms "You will always fail at being the person you are supposed to be; the true measure of success is how well you are at being yourself " "There is always a consequence for division. ALWAYS!" A small drop about me: ✨Producer/Director/Author ✨Business Consultant/Corporate Trainer 📜 Cornell University Certificate in Entrepreneurship 📜 Certified Corporate Trainer DC Colored Brain and Communication 📜 Student of modern day mystery school called Life on Earth ✨Writer/Author all types (Screenplays, Books, Blogs, Media Content, TV, Documentary, Speeches, etc) ✨ International Public Speaker ✨ Entrepreneur (I can create a business from a blade of grass) ✨Artist (All types of art!) ✨World Traveler (52 Visas in 4.5 yrs) ✨Major Foodie 🤤 I have spent my entire life "working hard" being praised for all my hard work and achievements. Just recently I had a change of heart of what hard work means to me. I realized that all the hard work I've put into my life has led me to see that the next project in my life is me and to allow myself to write a new script: an improvination anthology series of the second part of my life! My greatest project of all time! I love learning and experiencing life from every perspective. I am a deeply spiritual woman that chooses to live my life through the eyes of God. I have many passions and look forward to spending the second part of my life expressing every aspect of myself!! I spent too much of my life playing a role and being sensored. No more roles!! No more sensorship. Improving through life as the cosmic joke it was always intended to be! FULL DISCLOSURE: I have two very distinct personalities: half monk/half Beyonce #truth My Interests: Deep, stimulating conversation/ contemplation/art/film/writing/psychology/philosophy/metaphysics/quantum physics/storytelling/spirituality/film/business/investing/evolution/travel/photography/food/music/beauty/aesthetics