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Mallory Cash




✨ former corporate, turned writer ✨ asking curious questions ✨ teaching others about lucid dreaming I’m here to bring more awareness to the subconscious patterns that we hold (including my own). ——————— About me ✍️ —————-—- 👩🏻‍💻 I left a 10-year corporate career to explore life as a teacher and writer. ✈️ As a global operations leader, I managed outsourcing teams across India and Argentina, and enhanced my love for travel. 💡I’m passionate about asking empowering questions and connecting with others 1:1 to help bring people closer to themselves. 🍣 You can find me trying as many new foods as possible, and attempting to recreate them in my own kitchen. 📚 My current life skill: actively acquiring more books than I could possibly read in one lifetime. —————— Let’s talk about 🗣 —————— lucid dreaming. human behavior. intuition. energy. consciousness. who we are being. and how we show up in the world. ——————