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allysonwisel.eth 💄💋CHIEF MAKEUP OFFICER - CMO I AM THE CHIEF YENTA OFFICER OF CLUBHOUSE - CYO Love Making Matches & Connections, it warms my heart. I love love ♥️ DM Me The Word Skincare For Makeup And Skincare Tips And How To Create Regimen That Is Right For You! 💄Makeup & Skincare EXPERT 🌟MASTER CONNECTOR 💋💄 Professional Makeup Artist 🌟✳️ Join Beauty Crazed Babes Club 💄💋TV, Editorial, Beauty Featured Makeup wClients - The Yes Network, Yankees, Brooklyn Nets, MSNBC, CNN 💋💄Obsessed with all things beauty and skincare 💄Beauty & Skincare Educator Providing Education & Training for brands 💎Goal - to make clients feel beautiful inside and out 🤝What’s most important to me: RELATIONSHIPS - work, family, friends. Building those relationships, no matter what field, leads to success 🌟 ✨ Empath, fascinated by People’s Energy 🤝 Looking to contribute, learn, make connections and a positive impact here Looking to spread ❤️ ✳️Co-host of amazing rooms with some amazing humans on CH ✳️Co-founder of the Beauty Crazed Babes Club ✳️Monday’s, Which Hill Are You On! ✳️Tuesday’s, I’ll Be Hosting, Ask Me Anything - Morning Commute With The Brilliant Dermatologist, Dr. Kavita Mariwalla. 830am EST, In The Beauty Crazed Babes Club Marketing ✳️Friday’s, Beauty Get-Together ✳️Co-mod in the Mind, Body, Skin M,W,F @1pm est ✳️Looking to Co-mod/mod within all arenas on CH Former Corporate Beauty/Skincare Executive Sunscreen Obsessed 🧴 ☕️Lover Love to watch Sports (college & professional) Born and raised in Buffalo, NY 🦬& love all things 716 #Billsmafia🏈 Constantly Learning Fiercely Loyal I love to discuss Beauty, Skincare, Skincare Ingredients, Beauty Industry, Beauty Business, Beauty Tech, Makeup Brushes, Music, Culture, Crypto, Clubhouse, AI, Crystals, Sneakers👟 📍NYC 🗽 👇 Please DM me to connect