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Makeda Smith CEO




Growth Wealth Strategist™️ | Millionaire Maker | Speaker | Investor | Realtor®️ Multi-Million Real Estate Producer of 17 years. My clients call me a Millionaire Maker, Comfort Zone Killer, The Implementer and Purpose Pusher. I help 6 figure entrepreneurs scale to one million in an unconventional way by implementing digital products and online services without over complicating the process in 12 months or less. CEO of @savvychicksinrealestate®️ and @MakedaSmithCEO Co-Founder of @smithandpartnersrealty (NEW EBOOK RELEASE) Scale to Seven Figures: The Playbook Purchase at Link on IG @makedasmithceo Text the word “EBOOK” to 708-634-5394 for my Easy to Use Ebook Creating Formula