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🌻♥️ #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker, EQ Coach, Writing Coach. Specialized in Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Inner Child Healing, Workplace Wellness, Mindset Reset, and Spirituality. More 👇 🦋Take your Power back from past Emotional Trauma. Heal & become Unstoppable. Let me show you how. 💥🏅 #1 Best Selling Book: "An Apology to my Demons". (Mental Health - Emotional Health - My story of Healing and Thriving after Trauma). **Speaker and Workshops on the following topics**: 🔥🍀Mindset Reset 🧡Emotional Healing 🧒Inner Child Healing 🔆Non-Fiction Writing (Share your story, write that book. I can help you with that) 🦋💛Spiritual Awakening after Healing Trauma 🧍‍♀️💚Body Image Healing 💑Toxic Relationship Healing 🍉🥦🍋Wellness and Healing with Nature & Herbs 🧞‍♀️Sensual Healing 👸Healing the Divine Feminine 🌬 Healing with Breathing Techniques 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️Healing through Movement. 💥💙 Do you have the mindset that attracts success? Get a free assessment with me on whether or not you may be subconsciously "blocking" your own abundance. LET'S CONNECT for a free assessment 🍀☀️ Still feeling bad about past hardships you went through? Let me help you reset your Emotional Core, so you can Fly 🎈💛Clubs: 1- Heal, then Fly (with MaiyaK) 2- Mindset Gym, with Maiya K. 3- Write to Heal and Transform. 👉 [email protected] I do not consent for my pics, likeness, bio, comments or words to be used or shared for any purpose.