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Brent Aiken




Husband | Father | Student Pastor ⛪️\\ Wylie Methodist Church 📍\\ Abilene, Tx 🖥\\ Graphic\Web Designer ——- 🎯My goal is to equip the church through personal relationships, creative design and empowering the minister to be as effective as possible in the area they serve. Everyone has something they can teach and something they can learn. I want to facilitate conversations and cultivate connections that inspire, educate and transform. 🎧Co-Host of UMYLead Podcast and blog which provides insights, ideas and Insta and Twitter and FB @umylead I’m here to make connections and learn from people with different backgrounds, beliefs, vocations and interests. We all can encourage and learn from one another. What would you want to share about student ministry? Ask me about being a guest on the UMYlead podcast. I’d love to come talk in your podcast as well. Let’s connect! I’d love to talk about: - Youth Ministry - College Ministry - Missions - Leading Worship - Social Media - Digital Design - Web Design - Podcasting Enneagram 8 ENFP DM me on Instagram and let’s connect