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Mahmood Bashash




🇨🇦 Lead Generation Strategist. I am digital marketing content creator and I do my best to help solo and small businesses in Toronto to understand social media benefits for their business. ▪️Digital Marketing Consultant Since 1999👊 ▪️Wordpress Web Designer ▪️Lead Generation Strategist ▪️Marketing Automation Consultant 📱Passionate Content Creator in Toronto, Canada. 🎙Podcaster: Digital Marketing Talk 👨‍🏫 English newsletter author: ◽️Toronto website design for small businesses. ◽️Digital Marketing for Toronto small businesses. ◽️Digital Marketing and Social Media consultation. ◽️eMail Marketing design for small businesses. ◽️Marketing Automation for small businesses. ◽️Founder of DiGiTalk in Canada. ◽️Founder of Persist Canadian College🎓. I am the founder of Persist Media Corporation, a small and solo digital marketing agency based in Canada. 🕐 My timezone is Toronto local time. It is Eastern time and It is GMT-5 🥰 ⭕️ DM me CONTENTIDEA on IG and get my free booklet👌 👇Free resources on my Instagram👇