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Ajay Mago




📣 Sounding board to CEO and Founders as Co-Founder and Managing Partner @ EM3 Law LLP 🍀Pay it forward, helping first ☝️Founder Driven Advisor @ Dallas Venture Capital (US + India) 🔥2X General Counsel @ Cybersecurity MSSP and General Counsel @ Algorithmic bias detection SaaS Co 🏨 GP, boutique hotel development company in Texas with 1351 rooms currently under management 🐂 UT Austin Longhorn JD, MSTC, BBA 📍Chicago & Dallas 🏡 🤞Connector, Fundraising and Legal/Regulatory Structuring, M&A, Exits 📈SEEKING: B2B SaaS/Enterprise software companies with $1M ARR or with paid POCs with reputed companies and clear visibility to reach $1M ARR in 3 to 6 months. Series A $2-$5M ticket size. 👉🏽ALSO SEEKING: Insuretech, fintech or digital health software Cos for late seed to series B check size $500k-$3m [email protected]