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Maggie Watts




#HopeIsContagious 💜 Pancreatic Cancer Campaigner 🌟 Virtual Assistant 💚 Mental Health Advocate Campaigning for change through the 🟣 #HopeIsContagious campaign 🟣 because HOPE is such an important thing right! ♦️ My husband died of pancreatic cancer 2009 ♦️ His mum died of pancreatic cancer 1969 ♦️40 years between the two deaths but.... NO CHANGE in survival rates in all of that time 😢 This has to change - there has to be HOPE for future pancreatic cancer patients Want to know more about the symptoms of pancreatic cancer to give yourself a fighting chance - early diagnosis is key! 🟠 Visit 🟠 to learn more about our work 🙏 Aside from that, I’m here to learn, network and connect ..... I love all things concerning 🌟hope & positivity! 🌺 🇬🇧