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FAA DRONE Pilot-UAS Plus Services LLC and Your Aerial View DBS Providing drone services and solutions. Emphasis on education and public speaking. FAAST - FAA Safety Team drone pro Host of Drone Law Connection Equis Financial Services : Agent License for Life, Accident,Health ,HMO 💵💵💵 Launching book September 2021 “Girls Can Fly Drones Too” ask me how you can be apart! 📖📘📗📕📒 Public Speaker and Clubhouse Moderator 🛬Girls Can Fly Drones Too! DRONES & DIVERSITY Want to inspire women and girls to embrace the drone world! Huge advocate in Drones/STEM/STEAM education👩‍🎓 Host drone/STEAM education every Friday at 12 noon central time UAS Public awareness and education. Safe drone practices. 107 preparation Rules and regulations. Host a workshop every first Saturday of the month. Join us at NorthTexasUAS. Com Looking to Collaborate with men and woman 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👩‍👩‍👧 FAA Certified DRONE PILOT and BUSINESS OWNER of UAS Plus Services and Your Aerial View. Provide Unmanned Aerial capabilities and solutions for real estate, government contracts, insurance claims, roof inspections, mapping, thermal, liDar,wildlife conservation, inspect cell towers, wind turbines. Inspect infrastructure including bridges, water towers, construction. Oil and gas pipelines and wells. Agriculture. Entertainment Cinematography. Ambassador to “Women and Drones” Log in “Women and Drones” website: For amazing resources and Career Connections and memberships AUVSI member. TOP pilot FEMA certified Insurance Adjuster-property and catastrophic claims. Insurance Agent-life and health Program Educational workshops “Know Before You Fly Your Drone” “Drone education” “Drones in the classroom” Chair for UAS Public Awareness and Education. NCTCOG Unmanned Aerial Systems Safety and Integration. FREE Drone Workshops and information Log in: Co-Creator for Career Connect at InterDrone August 12th 2021 📚”Girls Can Fly Drones Too!” ClubHouse Moderator, Host, Educator, Speaker, Event Programmer Cystic Fibrosis supporter Creator, artist, designer, intuitive Email: [email protected]