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🌿PLANT MEDICINE & PSYCHEDELIC ADVOCATE🍄💚🔮✝️🙏 💚Maegical is a divinely inspired company that has a mission to heal the world, one mindset & soul at a time. 🌎 We do this by helping you; 1- Go back and HEAL the suppressed trauma you have been through 2- Deprogram and reprogram your subconscious mind to align with your dream life Destigmatizing and educating people on the power of plant medicine🌿 and psychedelics 🔮 We facilitate powerful healing 🍄ceremonies monthly in Austin TX and Internationally in Belize, Greece, Ecuador, Mexico, and El Salvador YOU CAN HEAL FROM ANYTHING YOUVE BEEN THROUGH OR ARE GOING THROUGH!✝️ 💕Next local healing retreat Feb 3-7th ! 12 spots remaining, ✅Next empowered 6 week coaching container Dec 15-Jan 30th ! Message me for details, 10 spots remaining If Mother Ayahuasca is calling you DM me for info 🌿🌎🪶💚🙏🔮 ***ALSO Would LOVE to be on your podcast / show and talk about how plant medicines/psychedelics were instrumental in healing my wife's suppressed trauma and my addiction!*** Follow us here; TikTok: @maegicalheals IG: @maegicalheals Free FB group: facebook .com / groups/maegicalheals We welcome any support in this mission! DM to collab! Venmo @maegical cash app $maegical