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🎤SPEAKER / TRAINER / AUTHOR📚 🕉 HOLISTIC WELLNESS COACH ☯️ SHAMANIC ARTS PRACTITIONER 🌍WANDERLUST U.S. EXPAT 💰💸INTEGRATIVE F.U.$ INVESTOR 🚘🚙 (here’s a sidetrack) ABSOLUTE NERD ABOUT THE AUTOMOTIVE SHOWROOM INDUSTRY 💪🏼MY SUPER POWER🦋 In 2002 I was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer and given a prognosis of 3-6 months. Without surgery / chemo / radiation I was able to turn my health around completely. Reversed R.A. by a perpetual and evolving focus on cleansing / detoxing on countless physical / emotional / spiritual levels. The work doesn’t stop. 🕉 HOLISTIC WELLNESS COACH / SHAMANIC ARTS PRACTITIONER☯️ 👩🏼‍🔬I was inspired to attain my certification in internal detoxification via colon hydrotherapy. 👩🏼‍🎓Went on to attain my PhD in Naturopathic Medicine. 👩🏼‍💻I wrote a book detailing my journey to overcome the dis-ease. 👩🏼‍🏫 Then toured the US, sharing my story with 1000s of women and speaking on panels regarding health / healing / anti-aging. ♻️Everything I did to reverse the cancer and R.A. is what I do today for my anti-aging regemine. 💟What I have learned on my path to healing ... the blessing of FORGIVING can heal 80% of what is literally killing us. 🛩🚙U.S. EXPAT GLOBE TROTTER🛵⛵️ Currently, settled on Mazatlan, Sinaloa Mexico with my husband, Cedric A. Rashad and our 2 puppies. Living right on the Pacific Ocean - going to sleep with the sounds / sights of the Pacific waves and waking up to the sounds / sights of the Pacific waves. 💰💸INTEGRATIVE F.U.$ ENTREPRENEUR💎💳 Online Biz Builder / Financial Markets Investor / Crypto & NFT HorderSeller / Personal & Biz Credit Acquiring Junkie 🚘🚙ABOUT THE NERDY AUTOMOTIVE SIDE OF ME🤔 My husband is Cedric A. Rashad and I hold him accountable for this. I have travelled all over the country with him as he shared his 40+ years of experience training dealership groups on the profitable benefits of Showroom Leasing. I understand just as much IF NOT MORE about leasing than most sales and management professionals in the showroom. I bet I could outsell you 😉 💛💜🖤MY PASSION💛💜🖤 Speaking on and Teaching Health and Healing. MY BELIEF FOUNDATIONS: 💛EVERYTHING is one thing - ENERGY. 💜We are ultimately responsible for our own health and healing. 🖤If it feels good / right - Do That! 💛Practice being selfish / selfull / loving yourself FIRST. 💜I believe in AND practice daily MAGICK 🖤Money is not the answer to everything, but it ranks up there with air CLUBHOUSE MODERATOR: Leasing-Is-For-Closers