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I'm 65 years old and I live in jaipur rajasthan india. I'm on Oxygen therapy and social isolation for the last 4 years. I lost my husband in 2018. Between frequent hospitalization and loss of my better half I lost all hopes from life. But I saw sad faces of my children, sick worried about me and roaming like zombies. I decided I will not be source of problem to my children, I will become their solution. I was in a state that I could not even lift my own finger. But I prayed to my God for strength and willpower. I started moving my fingers slowly, then my toes then hands and legs. After few weeks I could sit on my own. Progress started from then. I followed some practice and could improve my quality of life. My children support me. Then I thought there will be so many people like me. To my surprise I came to know that respiratory problems are 2 nd leading cause of deaths all around the world. I thought if God put us through this situation, there must be a greater reason. I wanted to share my experience and knowledge and research with people like me. But I had no clue. Then I learnt digital technology and explore digital platforms. I believe when you are determined to help people, universe strategically places right people in your path. Same happened to me and found my mentors online. Breathing Warrior Movement: I alongwith my daughter Dr Swati Vyas, are on a mission to help 10 million people with Breathing problems, Oxygen therapy and social isolation and their family caregivers to redesign their lives and cope with the same to improve their quality of life without confusion and fear. To achieve this we share our experiences, learnings and research with people. We mentor them 1:1 as well. Host: Weekly show - The Madhu Vyas Show Every Thursday 09:00 p. m. IST