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John Mackewich




10+ years experience as a cannabis, securities and international business attorney. 国际商务律师 State Updates: If you are looking to apply for a marijuana license in New Jersey or New York, send me a DM. As other states come online, we can assist there as well. Based out of Detroit and New York but work with marijuana and business clients throughout the United States and around the world providing legal and consulting services. If you need help starting your business, applying for a license, expanding your brand across state lines, raising funds or selling your business or just want to brainstorm ideas - text me at 419-346-4155 to set up a call or email me at [email protected] Co-Founder of BeInstrumental, an award winning multi-state non-profit that had been providing children in Ohio and Michigan with free music education, free music instruments and mentoring for over 10 years. Bridge builder - helping you start, grow and market your business. What would help you succeed? Call me and let’s chat. Happy to be a mentor. Speak English, German and Mandarin. 我是一位国际律师。我为外国公司扩展业务提供帮助。如果您需要帮助进入美国市场,请给我留言。 Nothing I say on Clubhouse is legal advice and does not create an attorney client relationship.