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Alyssa Zingaro




Growth Marketer/Strategist 📈 Let’s talk virtual and hybrid events Empowering brands to explore new growth channels 🚨Are you an event supplier?🚨 Accelevents is seeking A/V providers, emcees, entertainers, event agencies, etc. to include in our new SOLUTIONS HUB directory! Apply now at _____________________________________ ✳️ Co-host and Moderator of EVENT TALK ✳️ ⏰ Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm EST⏰ • Where we talk event tech, virtual & hybrid event monetization, engagement, and more • Message me on LinkedIn if you have topic suggestions or if you would like to be included as a speaker Growth Marketing @ Accelevents 📈 Clemson University Alum 🐅 CRO • Digital Marketing • Virtual Events • Community ✔️Connect with me on LinkedIn ( ✔️Email me at [email protected]