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✳️Chef Luv aka Shari Gore (Plant Based Vegan 🌱) I am the Owner of Luv Being You Miami & Broward County South Florida Located in Tampa Bay FL I AM A ❤️SICKLE CELL SS WARRIOR❤️!!!! I have been hospitalized over 100 times since birth! I’ve had tons of transfusions. I’ve almost died of pneumonia twice. I’ve spend birthdays and holidays; weeks and months in the hospital. This is NOT a complaint; this is a testimony. I have learned in that time the power of PLANTS 🌱 and POSITIVITY ☮️! ✳️ Moderator of 3 CH Groups ✳️ ✳️Vegan Vibrations ✳️ ✳️Marriage Magic ✳️ ✳️Hey Club Hey 👋🏾 ✳️ Each day is a blessing! I know I am blessed to walk this earth 🌍. I stumbled into a plant 🌱 based lifestyle 10 years ago in college. My professor showed me what happened to animals and how they were treated and I just knew I didn’t want to consume animals any longer. 💚Pro Cannabis & CBD Oil 💚Pro Seamoss Chrondus Crispus 💚Pro Plants 🌱 💚 Fruit and Veggie Addict 💚Pro Exercise 💪🏾 💚Yoga & Meditation 💚Always A Student! Student of Life! 📸 Follow me on FB, IG, Twitter, TikTok & YouTube @Luvbeingyou 💚Plant Based & Vegan Chef 💚Detox Specialist 💚 Fruit Enthusiast 💚Herbal Tonic Synthesizer 💚Herbalist 💚Plant Based Nutrition Coach 💚Holistic Health & Wellness Coach 💚Blogger 💚Food Photographer 💚Wife & Mother of 3 👧🏽👧🏽👶🏽 💚Sickle Cell Warrior & Advocate 💚Domestic Violence Survivor 💚Self Love Advocate 💚 Affirmations & Mental Health 💚 The Law Of Attraction 💚 I AM Joy, Kindness, Love, Happiness, Gratitude, A Healer, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Peace, Friendship, Wealth, Healthy, Strong, Worthy, Balanced, A Creator, Bold, Brave, Brilliant, Divinely Purposed, & Guided By My Intuition 🌱☀️🌈☮️💜🦋🌍💚🔮 I’m here to meet like minded people in all areas of business and interest. I am looking to learn more ways to grow and scale my business. I am looking to meet investors, cross promote & increase my following. I’m forever a student. I’m also here to learn and grow as an individual.