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Be YOUniquely You™ | Create Professional Live Video Uncovering your Hidden Awesome! 🔴 Create Professional Live Video (Live Streaming Pros) 🔥 Be YOUniquely You™ on camera, in life & in business 🗣 TEDx speaker 🎤 Podcast Hall of Famer ⏰ Live Streaming & Video for 15 years 💲 Multi 6 figure business owner (lots of mistakes and failures - helping you learn faster than I did!) 🗣 International Speaker 💥 Gained 2 million followers 😱 Lost 2 million followers 😜 Experienced at business and content transitions TOPICS: Live Streaming, Live Video, On Camera, Authenticity, Community Engagement, Women Business Owner, Entrepreneur 🔴 CREATE PROFESSIONAL LIVE VIDEO 🔴 Live streaming tech and growth tips! -—-> 🕙 LIVE Tuesday - Friday 10AM PT ——> 🔥 BE YOUniquely You™ 🔥 Stop the “Fake Authenticity” and start living YOUR truly authentic life! Committed to empowering you to live your YOUniquely You™ life, be YOU on camera and build a business meant to fulfill YOUR potential! 🎤 Conversations here on Clubhouse 🎤 NEW Podcast ——> ——> FB Group 👇 DM me on Instagram to connect!