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Lukas Hosford




I look closely at the way details make meaningful differences in people's perceptions. Particularly, I am skilled at facilitating resolution of situations in which differing views exist in dynamic tension - not necessarily direct opposition, but not easily harmonized either. I was raised in a culture that valued self study and creative process inquiry. Games were played constantly and brutally. I myself ended up being less the game player, more the game theorist. This evolution came about in a major way from competing in an interscholastic debate activity from the ages of 14-19: an arena in which game theory dynamics play out and there is some significant dysfunction to analyze. A black sheep in terms of the academic norms, my coach was nevertheless at the very heart of the human community. She was completely transparent about her own misgivings about what we were being trained to do; introducing the activity to us, while telling us that accessibility and even intelligibility were taking a back-seat to esoteric customs and technical mastery of contrived source-comparison norms. I was bored and frustrated to find yet another bureaucratic contrivance that would waste my time, but blessed to be empowered. She and a whole series of black sheep college debaters mentored me to take the reigns on my education and convert myself into Creative Director of my own argumentative innovation team. Initially consisting of just myself - as some success and attention attracted to me, I organized my peers around all manner of guerilla styles, presented strategically. We were generally reputed to be a very challenging team to reckon with, on account of our ever shifting styles: at times straightforward and lawyerly, other times with dozens of hidden tricks up our sleeves. I never found a partner or coaches in uni who were nearly so supportive of such a creative approach. Instead I ended up feeling devalued and leaving the activity. Unfortunately, I allowed this to alienate me from my peers... but that in turn supported healthy individuation as I embraced creation as an outlet. Here I am the psycho Joker, crazy wizard awakener: The earnest honest poet: The Alchemist Mother and Healer, offering her best for humanity: I must confess though, I am but an appearance and a story. Nevertheless I hope to find light and love through one another.