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I am concerned about the overall economic, spiritual and social wellbeing of the 1.5 billion👥 of African descent globally. Consequently, I am focused on creating multi-dimensional healing🙏 for the renaissance of the most ancient people on earth. ✅Co-Founder, Diaspora Global Foundation ✅Director CADA International. ✅ Father/High Performance Leadership Coach/Mentor/Educator/Consciousness Explorer/Social Artist/Entrepreneur/Humanist/Visionary/Spiritual Leader/Thought Leader/Intuitive/Creative Industry Consultant/Pan Africanist. ✅Visited 135 countries.🛸🌍 thus far. ✅Superpowers: 💪🏿Optimism, resilience, persistence, foresight and determination. ✅ Art Advisor/Cultural Curator of Contemporary African Diaspora Art. ✅ Where I learned: Brown/Columbia/Harvard, American Classical School in Rome/Stanford Overseas Program/ Watson Fellow@ University of Ghana/University of Dakar and the American University, Cairo. ✅Founder of the Annual Panel Discussion on Contemporary African Diaspora Art during Art Basel Miami Beach. ✅ Former TWA Airline Executive/GM/Latin America/Canada/Caribbean. ✅ Former Director of FA 21st Century Learning Center. ✅ Building The Center for Afrofuture Culture, Leadership and Technology. ✅ Come join the Global African Diaspora Renaissance Movement. Send us your email address along with Tel# and a brief bio or your areas of expertise. Email ludlo[email protected] or DM @Ludlowebailey Serious interest in : ✅ Health and Wellness ✅VR/AR/AI ✅ Global African Diaspora Affairs ✅ Creative Industry Development ✅ IOT ✅ Human Potential ✅ BlockChain Technology ✅ FinTech ✅ EdTech ✅ The Philanthropy for children of the African Diaspora. ✅ Neuroaesthetics