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Lucy Caldwell




Social psychologist, mother, and change-maker. Passionate about leading a deeply engaged life and helping people connect to what matters most. On the transition team to help usher in a new era of human and planetary thriving. Host of Esalen Women’s Visionary Leadership Council. Building Bridges for Movement Makers Healing & psychedelics. Expertise in empathy, belief polarization (original research @ Stanford University) Venture Philanthropy. Opportunity based narratives Wisdom practices. Idea salons. Writing to heal. Emphasis on transformation - people and systems! I relish working with trailblazing people and organizations to unlock humanity’s potential. Let’s find ways to work together to bring paradigm shifting change to the world. A steward of empowering women visionary leaders and helping build a more compassionate, inclusive and regenerative society. The problems are complex but the answers are surprisingly simple. Host of club: VISIONARY COUNCIL [email protected]