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He/Him/His (LP) @lpfiremedic From St. Louis, MO 🚒🚑FireMedic (Firefighter & Licensed Paramedic - Retired) ✒️CEO/Founder - Penton Pending Consulting Solutions LLC 🌎🕸: 📧:[email protected] 🚑 🦠Frontline COVID-19 Paramedic 01/20-05/20 🩸Certified Stop The Bleed Instructor/Trainer - ♥️⛑️Certified AHA BLS CPR Instructor 🗡💣🔫 Violent Critical Incidents/ Active Shooter Hostile Events (ASHE) Consultant ✳️Co-Moderator: Loyalty & Friends, Eating Disorder/Disordered Eating 🎙🎧Podcaster -“TRIGGER WARNING TALK PODCAST” - we cover Domestic Violence (DV), Human & Sex Trafficking, Sexually-based Offenses, & True Crime/Missing Persons cases previewed. (streaming on all platforms.) 💫Featured in: 🗞📰💻U.S. News & WORLD REPORT (Print & Online): ‘Diversity Emergency’ - 08/19/19 ( 🖥🌎YouTube/Twitter/IG: *SIRIUS MINDZ (YouTube channel of Professor Griff of PUBLIC ENEMY): ‘SURVIVE w/Professor Griff, ‘Doc’, and LP TheFireMedic’ - 09/29/21 ‘DEA Agent, Suspect Killed in Tucson Amtrak Shooting w/Professor Griff, LP and Doc’ - 10/06/21 ‘One Killed and 14 wounded in shooting in Minnesota’ - 10/13/21 ‘Store worker stabbed, and woman who fell 30ft from Interstate P Griff, Doc and LP’ - 10/20/21 ‘Boise Mall Shooting w/Professor Griff, Doc & LP’ - 10/27/21 ‘SURVIVE (In Real Time) Dec 12 Prep’ - 11/3/21 ‘What Happened at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Concert? w/Griff, Doc and LP’ - 11/10/21 ‘Kyle Rittenhouse Casualties: Professor Griff, Doc and LP’ - 11/17/21 ‘Deadly Oxford High School Michigan Shooting: w/Griff, Doc and LP’ - 12/01/21 ‘SUV Driver In Parade, Fleeing A Crime w/ Griff, Doc and LP.’ - 12/08/21 ‘GSU Homecoming Shooting w/ Professor Griff,Doc and Lp’ - 12/15/21 🎙🎧PODCASTS: *TRIGGER WARNING TALK PODCAST (streaming on all major platforms-Audio & Video circa 4/27/22) *“STR8 BIZNESS WITH LADY ST. LOUIS” on Podbean ‘Ep 4 That Rona Tho 07/28/20 ‘EP 22 A Scene From Thriller 01/22/21 *SIMPlY REAL PODCAST (02/16/22) “Interview with Larry Penton, Firefighter/Licensed Paramedic, Raising Awareness…” *SheConfidential @she.confidential Ep. 33- 11/23/21 (Audio & Video options) *JEMS.COM ( "The EMS P.O.D.: Talking with Meyer, Penton and Freeman" -12/07/21 CashApp: $PentonPendingCSLLC Digital Business Card: LP10K.Com