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Evidentiary Medium, Multidimensional traveler and Inner Earth Emissary Hiking alone in the forests of Mount Shasta, he was intentionally seeking an audience with ascended masters.  Unaware of Telos and the Lemurians, he certainly didn’t expect the mountain to open up and invite him inside.  That experience triggered an awakening meant to be shared with all of humanity—wisdom that came from higher places.  It is one thing to think of communicating with extraterrestrials, but his contact wasn’t with beings from other places in the universe; it was with beings that have been here on Earth for hundreds of thousands of years. Since then, the DNA awakening process and recall have set the stage for countless multidimensional experiences beyond just Telos.  Leading to a greater comprehension of the enhanced photon Light we are receiving and how it’s meant to be used.  It is now time to share these multidimensional experiences and remind those who have been triggered by this story.  These same abilities are dormant within you as well waiting to be brought back into your awareness.  Realizing how to maintain high vibrations is happening right now. Lowell is a Lightworker, an Ascension blogger, host of Starbuck’s Mystery School Podcast, author of Starbuck's Dimensional Adventures and most notably a Telos delegate. While he was drawn to spirituality when he was younger he lived his life like many of us do, getting a traditional job as a Hospitality Executive which did allow him to gain a number of leadership and public speaking experiences that helped prepare him for what his ultimate mission would be. Lowell's awakening started to unfold in 2015 and ultimately led him to his amazing experience on Mount Shasta where he was invited into Telos by the Lemurians and asked to be an emissary for the re-integration with those of us on the surface as our world goes through it’s ascension process. He has created an amazing website where you can find out more about all of his incredible adventures and the deep wisdom he has received. He's the Telos traveler and crystal skull dabbler, multidimensional traveler Lowell Johnson.