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Larry Michel




Known globally as ❤️ The Love Shepherd ❤️ I help people make the most loving, compassionate and joyful connections by showing them how their energetics impact every relationship. Imagine being able to let go of shame, blame, guilt, resentment, and judgments to be replaced with honor, appreciation, respect, acknowledgment and LOVE 🌎 Please experience this for yourself here for your free Genetic Energetic profile: 🔎 Larry is - A Relationship Restoration Coach, working with couples, companies and individuals across the globe. He is an author, poet, producer and director who has dedicated his life to helping people discover and create the most loving, inspiring, and courageously intimate relationships. Founder : Institute of Genetic Energetics and CEO: Shinetop Productions, Inc Host: Love Matters Podcast Host: The Larry Love Show “Before you do ANYTHING ELSE, you must get a Personal Energetic Profile!” - Jay Crew, Co-founder Booty Bands Certifications 👏Master ERP (Energetic Relationship Practioner) 👏 NLP 👏NAC 👏Tantric Practitioner 👏 Hypnotherapist 👏 T-Group/Sensitivity Training Trainer