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Caro Castilla




Futurist/Technologist/Entrepreneur/ElectronicMusicProducer 🎓Philosophy bio1 Carolina Castilla is a Colombian music technologist and entrepreneur who developed a software platform to help artists and festivals with their stage setting. She later worked on machine learning and quality control for music streaming in Silicon Valley, where she saw the ethical challenges posed by artificial intelligence. To express her anguish, she returned to her passion for creating music and founded Love My Robot, a transmedia project that includes music, NFTs, and robotics schools. Love My Robot aims to help musicians understand their finances through metadata and educate the public on human-computer interaction. The project has performed worldwide and collaborates with Burning Man with a mutant vehicle stage. Carolina's work has gained recognition, and Love My Robot is backed by Pegasus Tech Ventures with the license to the Startup World Cup in Latam, TEDx, and Women Tech Makers by Google. Carolina's journey highlights the intersection of music and technology, with a focus on ethics and education. 🤖