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Energy Medicine Holistic Practitioner Wellness Guide 🌿 est 2002 Workshop & Retreats ✊🏾✊🏿✊🏽 Facilitator 🏝 Emotion Code Feminine Energy Guide ✅ CO Moderator on right invite. Digital Nomad She/Her I offer Online Zoom energy medicine sessions to release and decode imbalances in the body to support more harmony in health, relationships and business. Coaching Activating your energy and presence. Also releasing stored emotional pain from the body. I value Diversity, Equality, Race, Emotional intelligence I support people to restore their own harmony and create wellness in body, heart and mind. I am a guide to support people to focus on what is right and harmonious for you in your life. ☀️ ♓️ Pisces 🌙 ♋️ Cancer Asc ♎️ Libra Life Path 9 One of energy medicine technologies that I do helps us to identify and literally release trapped emotions which are harmful emotional energies from negative past events. Basically make conditions right for the body to heal itself. Holistic wellness. I have had my own experiences of challenge in well-being so guidance I share is from experience tools methods techniques I have practiced and lived. UK & Barbados 🇧🇧🇬🇧 Experienced Guide in Small group sessions Women’s wellness Womb Healing Art of Feminine Presence Conscious relationships and intimacy Tantra Healing Sexuality Melanin Wellness 👧🏾 Reflexologist 🦶 Bach Flower Essences Bodywork Intuitive healing Coach Aromatherapist Buy me a coffee 💲Make a gift or Donation 💲 on Ko-fi ☕️ 🫖 🇬🇧 Cash app £LOVELLDR My Human Design I am A Voice of Equality 5/1 Emotional Projector 10 years in my HD experience. Offer Human design discovery sessions. 🧬 Gene Keys - 9 years investigating - Life’s work 37.5, Evolution 40.5, Radiance 5.1, Purpose 35.1 Other interests Soulful House 🎶 Afro beats House music, R & B African Spirituality Plants Based Vegetarian and Vegan Food 🍲 Digital Nomad Traveller House & Pet Sitter