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Edye Schneider




Phonetically pronounced “EE-D” 😁 Open heart surgery ❤️ THRIVER (oHCM) Miraculously living and loving this next chapter of my life. Feel most free gliding on sticks in snow or water! Loves include travel, (Oman❤️Africa❤️) People, Being of service, Flow, Meditation, Generosity, Love.... Do well. Do good. Let go of ALL things that do not serve your highest good. It’s easier than you “think” 🧠 Don’t BS me. I WILL know. Walked the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival. Totally trippy. 🎥 Past life: Was in the entertainment business for many years. Have lived a fabulous life mixed with some not so great times. Next up.... Learning- all the time! Still looking for that one love... Life is grand..... Be kind, be gentle, be thoughtful, BE as you wish your life to be. May your choices reflect your hopes and dreams, not your fears...